Privacy Policy

Last updated 1/10/2020

This privacy policy explains what information the DitaBase website collects and how it is used. This website is still basically a landing page, so very little information is collected or used. This privacy policy will surely change often as DitaBase develops.

You will only be informed explicitly of these changes if you are subscribed to the mailing list. This specific addition of a privacy policy will not be sent to the mailing list, because I expect it to change before I email the mailing list again, and I do not want to spam you.


If you opted in to email updates, or answered a survey and chose the option "Yes, and add me to a mailing list", you are on the mailing list. DitaBase will send emails to the mailing list only when there are major product updates, or for administrative purposes like changes to this policy. To unsubscribe from the mailing list, please email me at

Cookies and Tracking

We use 3rd party browser cookies and similar technologies to recognize you as you navigate the site. These 3rd parties are Google Analytics and Mixpanel.

This is used to see what content is read or otherwise engaged with, and which users then answered surveys or subscribed to the mailing list. Without tracking, we would have no idea what content is being engaged with, which is one of the main intentions of this site.


You may contact me about this Privacy Policy (or anything else) by emailing